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Sonae E.Ventures aims to be the natural partner for entrepreneurs who want to develop their
ecommerce business. We focus on early stage companies with innovative business models and
international ambition
. We look for partnerships where bold entrepreneurs lead their startups while we
offer the support of our core competencies and strategic assets. Our goal is the entrepreneur’s success.


We are 7 steps away from a partnership



​We support ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ecommerce models, helping them exploring new frontiers to reach a new development level, without losing their independence


Sonae E.Ventures was launched in 2013, aiming to be the natural partner for entrepreneurs who want to develop their ecommerce business. Our investment focus is on early stage companies, where ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative business models want to be successful in the international arena and need help to achieve their goals.

With typical investments up to € 500k (Equity), we look for investments where the entrepreneur keeps the majority of his business and leads the company, leveraging on Sonae’s core competences and strategic assets.

With a dedicated team and access to a network of advisors, we operate as an autonomous team and set our own agenda with the entrepreneur. Moreover, we have no predefined ownership period, giving entrepreneurs the necessary breathing space for a sustained growth. We believe that creating the best business environment and preserving the entrepreneurs’ creativity and DNA, will help to achieve the best results. 



Investment sectors



We focus on investments in ecommerce disruptive companies in a broad range of sectors such as Apparel, accessories and footwear, Computers and electronics, Food, Health & Beauty, Home furnishing, Home improvement, Houseware, Sporting goods, Other specialty and non-apparel, among others.


Ecommerce related

We also invest in ecommerce related companies which can add value to online businesses, such as digital marketing, contents, social media and others. 


Investment criteria

Here are the investment criteria which we value the most when making a decision:


Company stage

Companies in early stage on the verge of stepping up to another growth level. 


Sector attractiveness

Preference for companies in large sectors with low online penetration rate and high suitability for a multi-channel approach.


International profile

Online businesses with international presence or strong potential to expand globally.


Innovative business model

Companies with distinctive characteristics and innovative product or service, which can become disruptive in their sectors.


Management team

Committed and ambitious management with adequate business expertise and full-time dedication to the company.


Regional focus

European Union, particularly in the Western region.


Investment size and period

Equity investment typically up to € 500k for a minority stake, although we may consider larger investments on a case-by-case basis. No predefined ownership period.


Return on investment

Investments which can deliver above average returns.



  • Luís Reis
    Chief Corporate Center Officer and Project Leader
  • Eduardo Piedade
  • Miguel Bagulho
    Investment team
  • Catarina Vieira
    Investment team


We offer much more than funding. Leverage your ecommerce startup on Sonae’s core competencies and strategic assets.
Take the most of our
network of relationships.

In addition to financing, our support may be on so many levels:




Combine your online business with our core competencies

Food and specialised retail is the core of our business. We have been in the food retailing business for over three decades. Our specialised retail area is present in diverse segments such as Apparel, Sporting goods, Electronics, Health&Beauty, among others. If these are core or complementary competencies to your online business, they will help to overcome your challenges.  






Keep track of your business performance

A good project needs financial and operational monitoring, as well as planning. We will put our reporting best practices at your service, adapting an adequate model to your business. Our goal is to give you the best tools without jeopardising your flexibility and creativity.  ​




Your team makes the difference

We help you to hire the most talented people to your business. Our human resources team may teach you practical recruiting skills or work as your recruiting partner in building your team. Additionally, we work on a regular basis with third party human resources service providers and may help you selecting the right one for your needs.





Create awareness for your business

We work with you to build the most suitable marketing plan for your startup. With our own marketing team, with deep experience launching new projects, and resorting to external providers, we understand the media and the means to reach the target public.





Connect with our advisors and business partners

A partnership with us means that Sonae’s experts are an extension of your team. It also means that you will be closer to our network of contacts such as clients, suppliers or other business partners, in more than 60 countries.





Get valuable support

Have the support of our internal teams in diverse dimensions such as legal, tax, accounting, logistics, among others. The growth of your business also depends on having an adequate backing from these functions in which we excel.





So are you ready for this partnership?


Here are the 7 steps to an investment.


1. Your fit


Before applying, please confirm if your project fits our investment criteria. Your project should be an ongoing company in early stage, focusing on ecommerce business.

2. Company teaser


Send us a short profile of your company (the Teaser) so that we can begin our analysis. Highlight your project ambition in no more than 5-10 pages.


3. Initial screening


After three of four weeks you should receive some feedback from us. We will tell you whether your project fits our investment criteria and you will move to the next step.

4. Meeting with


If our first assessment is positive, we will want a face-to-face meeting with you and to know more about your company. We want to hear from you why your project is distinctive, your ambitions and why do you think our partnership makes sense.



5. Business plan


We will want to see a complete business plan, which shall detail your business model, your growth plans and investment needs. With this information, we will build an investment case about your company. We understand the sensible nature of the information so we are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

6. Due diligence


In case our first positive assessment is confirmed by the investment case, we will need to process an in-depth analysis of your company. Through technical and legal due diligence we will be able to have a complete evaluation before moving to the final step.


7. Partnership


This is the final step of our process, we will be negotiating the terms of our partnership. A term sheet of our agreement will be delivered to you. Alternatively, we can write down a general agreement laying down the main conditions of our partnership.

The Teaser

We ask you to present your profile in 5-10 pages which we believe shall be adequate for our first assessment. The topics below may be useful to you, as a guideline of some of the important aspects to include in your Teaser:


A. General Information

B. Company Profile

C. Sector overview

  • Company name


  • Contact details


  • Website


  • Sector

  • Business model

    read more

    Is your business solely online or multi-channel? If you also have an offline business, how much does it represent in your overall activity? Are you a pure-play online retailer, a marketplace, a flash sales site or other?
  • Business segments

    read more

    What is your portfolio of products? Do you provide more than one service? What is their relative weight (eg in terms of sales)?
  • Geographical presence

    read more

    Do you have sales to international markets? What is the percentage of sales to each of those markets? Are you focusing on any particular market in the near future?
  • Competitive advantages

    read more

    What are your distinctive characteristics? What makes your product, service or business model better than your competitors?
  • Number of employees

  • Website analytics

    read more

    # of unique visitors, # of page views, # of registered users, conversion rate, etc. 


  • Market size

    read more

    Market size measured by sales or other indicator, including the source of your data (if own estimation, please make reference). Focus on markets where your company is present or where it plans to be in the future
  • Market segments

    read more

    Within your sector are there any main product segments to consider? What is their respective size?
  • Competition

    read more

    Main competitors in your market and global leaders. Market shares if available.
  • Expected growth

    read more

    Market expected growth in terms of sales, including the source of your data.

D. Management and Shareholders

  • Key management brief profile

    read more

    Who are the key people managing your company and what are their roles? What is their background?
  • Shareholders structure

    read more

    Who are the company founders? Who are the current shareholders of your company and what is their respective stake?

E. Strategy

  • Strategic objectives

    read more

    What is your ambition for your company? What are your key goals in the medium term and how do you expect to reach them?
  • New areas for growth

    read more

    What products or services will you be focusing on in the near future and why? What other geographies do you hope to explore and why?
  • Investment needed

    read more

    What is the total amount needed for your investments? Detail your investments (product development, explore new markets, increase team, etc.) and their respective goal

F. Financial information

  • Historical performance

    read more

    Key financials in the last 2-3 years, namely Sales, Operational costs, EBITDA and EBIT
  • Capital invested

    read more

    How much have you invested in your company so far? Brief explanation of those investments
  • Debt raised

    read more

    How much bank financing have you raised? What is your current debt amount?
  • Your benefits of a partnership with us

    read more

    What do you hope to accomplish with a partnership with Sonae E.Ventures? What do you believe would be our added value to your company?

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